Can affiliate marketing be done without a website?

Absolutely for affiliate marketing, you don't need to have a website, you just need traffic or audience and it can be on your youtube, Instagram or Facebook channel. What you need to do is paste the affiliate link into your post to verify sales made through your post or video. It's definitely possible to start affiliate marketing without a website. In fact, there are different types of affiliate marketing, and while the one with a website is among the most popular, it is certainly not the only one.

To get started with the basics, what all affiliate marketers need are affiliate links and an audience to promote them. Very good explanation about affiliate marketing and I read your entire blog. I found something new here, so thanks again and keep posting and updating with new things. Unfortunately, many sought-after, high-paying affiliate programs don't accept affiliates without websites or prohibit specific online marketing channels.

While having a website can increase your chances of success as an affiliate marketer, it's still great to promote your affiliate product through forums and online communities. If you're good at posting photos that people can't get enough of, Instagram is the perfect place for you to start as an affiliate marketer and campaign for affiliate sales. However, when you use affiliate links in your content, you should always inform your readers that these are affiliate links, as this is a requirement for both platforms. Whether you have an affiliate site or not, start by choosing a niche for your affiliate marketing business.

The affiliate network will usually have a selection of offers that the affiliate can choose to promote. Another frequent requirement of content publishing platforms is to disclose that the blog post contains affiliate links. Medium also allows you to use affiliate links in your content, as long as you tell your readers that they are affiliate links and you'll earn money from any resulting purchase.

Brett Slansky
Brett Slansky

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